About Stefan

The short story of Stefan

I came into this world on a thursday, a sunny day of august 1990, in a small town in north of Romania, called Botosani.  I spent my childhood on the country side. There wasn’t much to do, and beside the usual things that a child does like going to school and playing with his friends, I read. And I read a lot. I got my 1st book when I was 7 years old, and since them I think I read somewhere around 1000 books(+/- a few dozens). And I know they seem a lot, but I did.

In high school I studied accounting, which I enjoyed a lot, and went to study accounting in college. But I realised that a career in accounting isn’t for me. I don’t know exactly why, but I in my second year of college I’ve sensed that I wasn’t build for accounting. I wanted something else, but I didn’t knew what. So I started to look what I exactly do I want. And although I found my answer, I’m not gonna share it with you right now. Maybe you will find in the pages of this blog.

My professional career

I can’t say I have a long professional career, but here it is. After I finished high-school, I enrolled at FEBA( Faculty of Economics and Business Administration) from University Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Iasi. At that time I wanted to study accounting and this was one had some of the best professors in the country.

In my 1st year of college, I found out about volunteering, and my path crossed with ASFI ( or Francophone Students Association from Iasi). I spent here almost 4 years( even after I ended my student days I still help the association), with two year being in the board first as treasurer ( accounting, so duuuh) and project department coordinator. I learned a lot from this experience and ASFI will always have a special place in my heart.

After I finished college I started to look for a job. Which it was pretty hard to find. I didn’t want a job in accounting, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted. Most of the time I was sending CV randomly, just because I liked the job title. In the meantime I was doing freelancing, on elance, gaining enough pocket money.

I found a job two years later, from one of those randomly CV that i send, and the job offer wasn’t even for the job that I applied. But it’s a good job, a job that I like a lot and I hope to have a long career in this field.

Why write?

You mind wonder, why do want to write. I might seem a numbers guy, studying accounting and all that.

I wrote my first short story when I was nine or ten years old. My first poems, around twelve( and those were for a girl, obviously). But, unfortunately, my surroundings weren’t exactly the best place to nourish my talent for write. My professors, even they saw my “talent”, they never encouraged me to write. So I just wrote when I was in the mood. Over the years I wrote, paused, wrote again, and so on. But never I was dead set to just write. Until now … Now I want to write, because I can. I this is why I started this project, this blog. To write, and to share my thoughts with you, my readers. And I hope you will enjoy it.

How Stefan looks? 

Like this …

Stefan Stratulat