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Stefan Stratulat Show Ep.2 – Cum să te trezești la 4 dimineața

Ep.2 – Cum sa te trezesti la 4 dimineata

Trezitul de la 4 dimineata nu e un moft. E o necesitate. Am avut o intreaga calatorie pana cand am reusit sa ma trezesc la ora 4. 

Trezitul la 4 dimineața nu a venit ca un moft. Deși am fost influența de celebra “ora 5” din video-urile motivaționale, am început să mă trezesc la ora 4 din necesitate.

Am ajuns să mă trezesc la ora 4 după doi ani de experimente, provocări și încercări. Nu mi-a ieșit din prima. Nici acum, după aproape doi ani de când fac asta, nu mă trezesc în fiecare zi. Ar fi imposibil. Însă ora 4 e un obiectiv în fiecare zi. Iar atunci când nu mă trezesc simt că ziua mea e puțin diferită.

Stefan Stratulat Show Ep. 1 – Primul Pas

Ep.1 – Primul Pas

E greu să faci primul pas. Cel puțin pentru mine. Mă mișc cu greu. În capul meu trebuie să am planul perfect și abia după aia pot să încep. Însă, planul perfect nu exista. De aceea de cele mai multe ori, nici primul pas nu există.


Primul pas e cel mai greu de făcut. Iar eu fac acest prim pas cu foarte mare greutate. Așa a fost și în cazul podcastului, așa am făcut și cu scrisul … așa am făcut cu multe.

Stefan Stratulat Show Ep 0 – De ce fac un podcast?

Ep. 0 – De ce fac un Podcast?

In episodul 0, explic de ce mi-am facut podcast. 


De ce fac un podcast? Ideea mi-a venit în timp ce ascultam un podcast. Mi-am cumpărat microfon și am început să studiez ce înseamnă să fac un podcast. După câteva luni în care am încercat să mă conving să dau play, am reușit într-un final să am curaj.

Încep o nouă aventură, în lumea podcastului.

The practicality of failure

When I first wanted to write this post I wanted to write about setbacks and not failures. Because even the word failure has an unpleasant ring to it.

Failure sucks. We are afraid of failure. I am afraid of failure. I’m terrified by it. All my life I run the opposite way. I’ve looked for perfection. Everything has to be as I wanted to be or else… it’s a failure.

My ego is so big that I don’t allow myself to fail. Every little setback is considered a failure. And it haunts me. Sometimes for a day. Sometimes for more than that. Continue reading The practicality of failure

Employee or entrepreneur?

Everyday I hear this kind of advice: “Try your best to become your own boss”, “Start your own business”, “Be self-employed”, “Be an entrepreneur”. If you don’t want to start a business, you’re being looked down by some people. I heard this one on a podcast.  Being employed is like wasting your life.

I think this line of thinking is wrong. Unless you have a great business idea and your product would make a profit from the first second of the launch, you’ll need a job. Or backing for your parents, extended family, etc. You can’t start a business without any capital.  How do you get this capital? By employing your services to other people. Continue reading Employee or entrepreneur?

Lessons learned from publishing my first book

I’ve published my first book. I can say that I’ve made my first step as an established author. Even now, after a few days since publishing it, I still feel an eerie feeling regarding this matter. It doesn’t matter that I haven’t sold a single book yet. The important thing to me, it’s that I managed to do it, i’ve managed to publish my first book.

The first lesson that I learned from this experience is that it’s easier that I thought it would be. It’s not that hard to write a book. In the past year I’ve been writing every day. I reached a point where I wrote a poem a day. And the poems started to gather up, until they were enough to make a book out of them. Continue reading Lessons learned from publishing my first book

The 10$ bill story – what is the value of money

I was listening a few days ago to Tim Ferriss’s podcast.  He was interviewing Seth Godin, I don’t remember exactly on what subject, but Seth told an interesting premise about the value of money.

If a man would come to you, in a bus station, with a note of 10$ (or euro for that matter) and would tell you that he would sell you that note for 1$, what would you do? The story that Seth told was a little bit longer that this and I think the point was another, but this got me thinking.

If someone sells a note of 10$ for 1$ what’s the real value of that note. Is it still 10$ or it is now 1$? At the same time, what is the value of that 1$ bill? Is it still 1$ or it’s 10$? Because we exchanged 10$ for 1$ one of them either increased in value or decreased. But all of this, it’s just economical theory. Because what really matter, it’s what value the owner of that bill attribute to it. Continue reading The 10$ bill story – what is the value of money

When goals become obsessions

I had a sudden insight today. Goals and desires won’t be achieved until they transform  into something real until they become  an obsession. Only in the moment when the only thing that you think about it’s that particular goal, only then that goal will go on the course of becoming reality.

Until then the goal it’s just a wish. Something that you say to make yourself feel good. Something that you look upon, but you never really dare to go to.

When I realised this, I was sitting on a bench. Eating some pizza and listening a podcast on my phone. Looking at the pigeons that were swarming around me. Continue reading When goals become obsessions

How do you know you’re being productive?

I’ve haven written for ages for this blog.

I could say that I have a good excuse, but to be honest, I could’ve found some time to write something here as well. And I say here as well, because I haven’t been sitting on my hands all this time. I’ve been writing. Quite a lot lately. And I’ve changed jobs as well.  True story.

But, let’s get to the point. How do you know you’re being productive? Continue reading How do you know you’re being productive?

I’ve made 27 years

First of August is my birthday. And I feel a little bit strange. Not because of the age or because I got older or other unimportant stuff like this. But because, looking back at the last year, so many things have changed.

If I’m looking back on what happened from 2015 to 2016, there wasn’t that much. You could probably say that I was a little bit worse. A little bit more overweight, a little bit more money issues and other stuff. It wasn’t better. Continue reading I’ve made 27 years