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Essential skill in life: cooking

I’m 25 years old. At 19 I left home and went to college. In my first year I received almost weekly a package from home with food( If you’re not from Romania you won’t understand this tradition). In my second year I told my mom to send those every 2 or 3 weeks. In my 3rd year  the “package from home” almost disappeared because I wanted to learn how to cook by myself. I wanted to eat meals that were done by my own hand and by own taste.  Continue reading Essential skill in life: cooking

Challenging myself

stock-photo-18266863-without-obstacles-isolated-on-white-I spent a few days wondering what my first article should be … And in the end I decided to write a little bit about the challenges we take in life and how adventurous one should be. Life is full of hurdles and challenges and sometimes  if you don’t challenge yourself, you won’t get anywhere.

I like challenges, and I believe you need to challenge yourself to grow as a person. What do I mean by challenge? Going out of the comfort zone. Give yourself a shock. Try new things and experiences. Be adventurous.

For example, this blog started as a challenge. I’ve started a few project in the last years, but none of the succeeded, because I was lazy. So starting a new blog, one in english, is me trying to challenge myself to see how far I can go in the blogging world. Again… Is it stupid to start some blogs, over and over again. Maybe … Will this blog survive and be what I hope it will be. Maybe, maybe not…. Only time will tell. But I wouldn’t find out if I didn’t start it.

It’s my first article, and although I would like to write more …  I will end it here. With the promise that I will write more, and more, and more.