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Jurnalul unui om lenes (1)

Sunt leneș.

Așa sunt de când mă știu. O putoare, cum mai obișnuia mama să-mi spună când eram mic, atunci când nu-mi făceam curat în cameră. Eu ridicam din umeri și o lăsam în legea ei. Și nici azi nu-mi fac curat în cameră.

Hainele îmi stau împrășitiate peste canapea, două perechi de șosete au cucerit podeaua, iar undeva mai in spate, două pungi pline de cumpărături așteaptă să fie golite. Stau într-o garsonieră mică și murdară. Și îmi este lene să îmi fac curat.

My philosophy Random thoughts

Life is full of opportunities

I’ve read somewhere that opportunities arrives for those that are prepared for them. 

And I believe that is true. You can’t take advantage of an opportunity if you are not ready to for it, either with the skills that you have or either with your mindset. And if you are not prepared to take it, can we really call it an opportunity? Because an opportunity is “a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something“(Oxford Dictionary). 

My philosophy My story, my life

My dear money, I set you free!

My dear money, from today you are free. I won’t chase after you anymore. You are free to go from my mind.

I didn’t go crazy when I wrote those lines above. I’ve written them a few days ago in my journal as well. I’ve decided that I will remove the money from my goals from now on. 

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Handling the daily stress

In our day and age, we have to cope with huge amounts of stress on a daily basis.  Oxford dictionary is telling us that stress is a  state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

The reason why we are stressed are various and differ from person to person. It might be about money, health, work, kids and so on and so forth. Everything can cause stress for us. And we need to know how to deal with it.

My philosophy My story, my life

Breaking down procrastination

Procrastination = the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.

This past week-end, I had big plans. I wanted to write one or two chapters for Imperial Struggle, write some four to five articles for this blog, work on some other projects that I have, make some food and many other stuff. Do you know what I’ve managed to do? Almost nothing. I didn’t do any writing, and didn’t make myself any food (actually I’m doing it right now) and overall I did nothing. I spent all my weekend watching some movies, browsing on the internet and did some light reading.

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Time is of the essence!

Have you ever analysed how you spend your day? And how many minutes and hours do you spend on meaningless activities, that don’t bring up anything of value to you or to those around you. And above all that, at the end of the day, you realize how much time you wasted on the meaningless tasks and feel like shit.