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Stories about me

Jurnalul unui om leneș (2)

Îmi este lene să scriu.

Acum o oră și ceva am vrut să mă apuc de scris. A trebuit să-mi fac un ceai mai întâi. Fiindcă nu pot să scriu dacă nu am o cană de ceai lângă mine. În timp ce apa se încălzea, mi-am dat seama că îmi este un pic foame. Așa că a trebuit să-mi fac și două sandvișuri. Cum oare să scriu pe stomacul gol?

În timp ce mușcam din sandvișul meu cu salam am intrat pe Youtube. Și din video în video a trecut o oră.  Dar în sfârșit mă apuc de scris. Continue reading Jurnalul unui om leneș (2)

Jurnalul unui om lenes (1)

Sunt leneș.

Așa sunt de când mă știu. O putoare, cum mai obișnuia mama să-mi spună când eram mic, atunci când nu-mi făceam curat în cameră. Eu ridicam din umeri și o lăsam în legea ei. Și nici azi nu-mi fac curat în cameră.

Hainele îmi stau împrășitiate peste canapea, două perechi de șosete au cucerit podeaua, iar undeva mai in spate, două pungi pline de cumpărături așteaptă să fie golite. Stau într-o garsonieră mică și murdară. Și îmi este lene să îmi fac curat. Continue reading Jurnalul unui om lenes (1)

Corporația, noua armată?

Când eram copil auzeam mereu sintagma „armata te face bărbat”.  Între timp, armata aia care te face bărbat nu mai e obligatorie, iar eu și toți ceilalți din generația mea nu știm ce înseamnă armată și cum te face ea bărbat. Desigur, am tot auzit zvonuri.

Lucrând în corporație îndrăznesc să spun dacă armata te face bărbat, atunci corporația te face adult responsabil. Într-un rolul armatei de a transforma băieții în bărbați a devenit rolul corporației de a transforma copii în adulți. Și am și argumentele care să susțină ipoteza. Continue reading Corporația, noua armată?

The practicality of failure

When I first wanted to write this post I wanted to write about setbacks and not failures. Because even the word failure has an unpleasant ring to it.

Failure sucks. We are afraid of failure. I am afraid of failure. I’m terrified by it. All my life I run the opposite way. I’ve looked for perfection. Everything has to be as I wanted to be or else… it’s a failure.

My ego is so big that I don’t allow myself to fail. Every little setback is considered a failure. And it haunts me. Sometimes for a day. Sometimes for more than that. Continue reading The practicality of failure

Employee or entrepreneur?

Everyday I hear this kind of advice: “Try your best to become your own boss”, “Start your own business”, “Be self-employed”, “Be an entrepreneur”. If you don’t want to start a business, you’re being looked down by some people. I heard this one on a podcast.  Being employed is like wasting your life.

I think this line of thinking is wrong. Unless you have a great business idea and your product would make a profit from the first second of the launch, you’ll need a job. Or backing for your parents, extended family, etc. You can’t start a business without any capital.  How do you get this capital? By employing your services to other people. Continue reading Employee or entrepreneur?

When goals become obsessions

I had a sudden insight today. Goals and desires won’t be achieved until they transform  into something real until they become  an obsession. Only in the moment when the only thing that you think about it’s that particular goal, only then that goal will go on the course of becoming reality.

Until then the goal it’s just a wish. Something that you say to make yourself feel good. Something that you look upon, but you never really dare to go to.

When I realised this, I was sitting on a bench. Eating some pizza and listening a podcast on my phone. Looking at the pigeons that were swarming around me. Continue reading When goals become obsessions

I’ve made 27 years

First of August is my birthday. And I feel a little bit strange. Not because of the age or because I got older or other unimportant stuff like this. But because, looking back at the last year, so many things have changed.

If I’m looking back on what happened from 2015 to 2016, there wasn’t that much. You could probably say that I was a little bit worse. A little bit more overweight, a little bit more money issues and other stuff. It wasn’t better. Continue reading I’ve made 27 years

How to read more books

I read more books that the average people (this is based on this graphic from Eurostat). This year, I’ve read at least two books/month, and I think in March I’ve read 3 or 4, but some of them were really short.

Reading books, is a bug that I caught while growing up in the countryside of Romania, where during that period you had only 1 TV channel to watch and after I finished up my chores, a lot of free time. So I read books. I’ve filled my mind with adventures and stories that later I used to enrich my playtime. Continue reading How to read more books

The story of me running 21 kilometers

Ever since I’ve signed up for this semi marathon, I’ve always doubted myself that I will be able to finish it. I’m not a runner, I’m not a guy that does too much physical activity. As I was saying in my story about my weight loss, I do little to none.

Since March I started to run, but the most that I’ve managed to run till now was 5 kilometres. And that run had exhausted me. But time doesn’t wait and little by little, day by day, the set day for the semi marathon arrived. No matter if I was prepared or not.

23rd of April 2017.

I woke up as usual for my week-end days. Around 6:30. I was trying to pump up myself. I was thinking about those 21km from the beginning of the day. I made myself a light breakfast and I started to do some stretching, I’ve massaged my feet, trying to be in my best condition for the run.

My biggest fear on this run is was that my body will break down. That my feet will give up. In my training runs, I’ve always had issues with this. After the first kilometer, my feet hurt. My shins burned. And this is why I’ve never managed to run more than 5km. Continue reading The story of me running 21 kilometers

How I lost 10kg in almost 6 months

Back in August 2016, I weighed, at some point, 90Kg. I’m 1.75 m tall, so you can imagine, that 90kg would make look really chubby. Back in 2012-2013 when I finished college, before I moved back home (different story, for another time), I had somewhere around 65 kg. In a matter of 2,5-3 years I’ve gained a little more over 25kg.

I didn’t like this weight. It was uncomfortable, my clothes didn’t fit me properly anymore and overall gave a weird feeling. It was like it wasn’t me in that body.

So I’ve decided to make a change. I think this is the most important thing you need to make. To make that decision and that commitment to start losing weight. That you will do what is necessary, that you will stick to the program. Because if you start doing and you do it for only a few days, it won’t help you at all. Continue reading How I lost 10kg in almost 6 months